Saturday, 26 July 2014


Do you know how to use AISLE - CORRIDOR - LANE correctly ?

Here are some tips to help you remember

We use aisle for narrow passages with seats (or shelves) on either side

1) The bride is walking down the aisle (Church)
2) Our seats are in row two on the left of the aisle (Cinema & Theatre)
3) The aisle is only wide enough for one trolley to pass (Supermarket)

We use lane for passages for vehicles and moving objects

1) He always drives in the fast lane (Motorway/Highway)
2) The small lane was very windy and narrow (Country road)
3) In lane 4 we have Mark Spitz (Swimming Pool)
4) Michael Jordan is running in lane 4 (Running track)
5) Coming up fast on the outside lane is Shergar (Horse racing track)

We use corridor for passages in buildings with rooms on either side

1) Children, don't run in the corridor ! (School)
2) The accountant's office is the third left along the corridor (Public building)

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